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A Step in the Wrong Direction

I watched a movie called Beautiful Boy about a boy with a crystal meth addiction (10/10 would recommend, Timothee Chalamet is AHmazing). No one says “This is my 5 year plan. I’m going to try a little pot. Then try a little more. Then become a little reliant on it. Then I’ll feel the need to seek a greater high so I’ll try LSD. Then I’ll do that more and more. Then I’ll need a greater high so I’ll start doing heroin. And then I’m going to destroy my family and steal from them. And keep getting more and more addicted.”

Every single fall has a bunch of little steps that got us there. Rock bottoms or falls don’t just happen. Each step contributes to our ultimate demise but we tend to focus on our last step that creates the biggest fall.

Falling never happens in a moment. It happens from stepping in the wrong direction towards an invetible hole that will lead us to either hit rock bottom or close to it.

Never underestimate your enemy. He is lurking just around the corner. He shows up in small ways. So who’s your enemy and what does he do? It says in 1 Peter 5:8 “Your enemy the devil prowls around you like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour”.

The enemy looks for you during your small steps in the wrong direction and then allows you to start rationalizing the bad decision more and more the deeper and deeper you get into your path towards your fall.

Many of these steps are done in secret away from our family and friends. However, something my pastor said that really stuck with me this morning was “Secret sin hurts you, and the “hurt you” will eventually hurt those around you”

The longer you keep stepping in the wrong direction by yourself and don’t receive help or speak up the closer and closer you get to your hole of doom.

There is no need to “step in silence”. Speak up and get on the right path so you don’t have to get to your hole. Your path is NOT set in stone. There is always someone on the road that can show you something that you are vastly overlooking. If you ignore the costs, you can never seek the reward.

“In the midst of a mess, the first step towards hope is honesty”

The Joy of Makeup

No matter how little or how much makeup you have it’s always fun to get dressed up for an event. However, we tend to find ourselves only getting ready to see others or look nice at a formal event. What I’m wondering is, when did it stop becoming okay to wear makeup just for yourself?

Everyone automatically assumes you’re trying to impress someone but how I see it is your letting your inner beauty shine a little more brightly on the outside

Putting on makeup brings me joy and makes me feel good about myself. So no matter if you wear a ton or none of makeup, dark makeup or light makeup, just remember to do it for you. However you feel your inner beauty shine the most, use it to your advantage and let your beauty shine.

Why I’ve Come to This

Dear friends,

For those of you who know I suffer from OCD and it has just become to much to deal with this semester at Baylor. So I am withdrawing for the semester from Baylor to get some much needed help. I guess my subconscious brain is just NOT in sync with my conscious brain. One of them is a coke fan and the other is Pepsi.

I started to this blog to channel what I am feeling throughout the healing process and offer some tips. So, if you are struggling with depression, OCD, or sucky life syndrome, you are in the right place. Plus if you just want to keep in contact with me… here I am in all my glory for all the internet to see.

So I might become a total enlightened hippie who does yoga everyday and talks about being more “drawn to the earth” or I might just remain the same, either way take me or leave me. This is your girl m.A.A.d.i city saying let’s get ready for one heck of a rideCS4eIU7jQYulks4ci84V0A

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